Installing a wide range of new and replacement windows we are always happy to quote for the installation of any Velux product.

Sun Pipes - This is a fairly modern product that gives light to an area which doesn’t receive much or any natural light, possibly Bathroom, Utility or Hallway. The Sun pipe is installed to the roof ,and a flexible pipe is containing silver mirrored effect is lowered into loft space and then affixed to a circular ships porthole size glass disk which is cut neatly into the ceiling area where the natural light is required. Sun Pipes can normally be fitted in a day.

Velux have recently introduced a product that as well as being a large opening window / door it can cut into a normal pitched roof and once formed creates a small safe Balcony area.


We would be pleased to offer genuine advice and a fixed detailed quotation free of charge concerning any future project or works to your property. We can prepare your quotation from either a site/property visit or architect drawings.

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